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Janki Films is an Indian production and distribution company established by Sunil Kumar Jha in 2000. Prior to its establishment as Janki Films, the company operated solely as a production company, producing music cassettes and records, since 1993. It gained popularity with its very first production, "Pakrai Rau Parael Bhagal Jae Chhau," and further solidified its success with big hits like "Mon Re Mon" and "Daee! Ge Daee!."

Located in Madhubani, Bihar, Janki Films currently specializes in the production and distribution of Maithili films. Since its inception, Janki Films, as a record company, has produced numerous audio and video cassettes, amassing a vast collection of thousands of songs. As a distributor, Janki Films introduced its first audio cassette, "Sita Swayamvar," in 2000.

The company embarked on a successful journey, transitioning from the production of audio cassettes to video CD albums in 2003, with the release of the video album "Hey Ge Lalmuniya." Subsequently, Janki Films gained recognition for popular video albums such as "Jai Jai Bharaivi," "Bhangiya Jogiya Vidyapati," "Shiv Darshan," and "Bam Fatakka."

With its expansive vision for entertainment, Janki Films ventured into the production of its first comedy video film, titled "Chusna Fekna Aa Ponga Pandit," in 2004. Under the Janki Films banner, it also produced "Piritiya," one of the finest family feature films in Maithili.

Committed to promoting regional and linguistic revolution in cinema and entertainment industry, Janki Films expanded its presence in Bhojpuri with "Bhuchaal Kaile Ba" as its inaugural Bhojpuri video album.

Devoted to regional growth and development, Janki Films served as a platform for numerous renowned regional artists, including Punam Mishra, Kunj Bihari Mishra, Abhishek, Anil Mishra, Sangeeta Mishra, and many others.

In addition to its film production and distribution endeavors, Janki Films established a division dedicated to the promotion, protection, and exhibition of Maithili literature known as the Janki Maithili Pustak Kendra in Madhubani.

Throughout its transformative journey from magnetic tapes to the digital world, Janki Films has not only achieved commercial success but has also been recognized as a vital agency for promoting the regional language Maithili, earning the distinction of being the "Pride of Mithila."


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