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  • 19-Jun-2023
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Impact of Vidyapati in Modern Literature and Modern Cinema

Vidyapati Thakur, a celebrated medieval poet, may not have had a direct impact on modern literature. However, his literary contributions and cultural influence have left an indelible mark on subsequent writers, both within and beyond his time. This blog delves into the intriguing connections between Vidyapati and modern literature, highlighting the influence he had on renowned figures like Rabindranath Tagore and exploring how his work continues to resonate today.

Vidyapati's Indirect Impact on Modern Literature

While Vidyapati's influence on modern literature may not be widely acknowledged, we can establish its existence through notable examples. One such instance lies in the work of Rabindranath Tagore, an iconic figure in literature beyond the realms of Europe and the United States. Tagore's literature, renowned for its exploration of nuanced human emotions and romance, was deeply impacted by Vidyapati Thakur.

Tagore, who used a mischsprache called Brajabuli (a blend of Bangla, Maithili, and Brajbhasha), incorporated Vidyapati's influence into his renowned composition, "Bhanusingher Padabali." This amalgamation of languages allowed Tagore to express himself uniquely and contributed to the rich tapestry of his literary works.

Themes in Modern Literature and Influential Figures

Modern literature, which emerged in the late 19th century, is known for its exploration of complex human emotions. Several dominant themes, such as Modernism, Postmodernism, and Existentialism, were popularized by influential writers. Virginia Woolf, Jorge Luis Borges, and Franz Kafka are among those who shaped these movements respectively, leaving an indelible impact on the literary landscape.

Continuing Relevance in Modern Cinema

The exploration of complex human emotions, identity, sexuality, and fantasy, as well as an individual's place in society, remains prominent in modern literature. These themes have also found resonance in contemporary cinema. One notable filmmaker, the late Rituparno Ghosh, a prominent figure in Indian cinema, drew inspiration from Vidyapati's literature and the style it embodied.

Ghosh, known for his Bengali and Bollywood movies, utilized Brajabuli in his songs, infusing them with the emotional depth and cultural heritage associated with Vidyapati. Ghosh, who eventually came out as a homosexual, skillfully used cinema as a medium to express his personal journey and to shed light on pressing social issues.

The Profound Relevance

It is remarkable how Ghosh found such profound and appropriate means, through the use of a mischsprache, to convey deep emotional nuances in his cinema. This serves as evidence of the direct impact of Vidyapati's literature and Maithili's contribution to modern literature.


Vidyapati Thakur, though not widely recognized for his direct impact on modern literature, had a profound and lasting influence on writers and filmmakers beyond his time. Through the cultural connections he fostered, he inspired figures like Rabindranath Tagore and Rituparno Ghosh, whose works continue to touch the hearts of audiences today. Vidyapati's legacy reminds us of the enduring power of literature and the intricate tapestry of influences that shape the literary landscape.

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