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  • 20-Jun-2023
  • Janki Films Content Desk

Celebrating Vidyapati: Making Vidyapati a Part of Everyday Life in Mithila

Vidyapati is widely regarded as one of the greatest poets of India and a pioneer of the Maithili language and literature. But he is also our icon, our hero that we look up to. His works have influenced generations of poets, musicians, and artists in the Maithil region and beyond.

But how can we introduce Vidyapati to popular culture and make him more accessible and relevant to the modern audience? How can we honor his legacy and celebrate his birth anniversary in a meaningful and vibrant way?

One way is to follow the example of the Maithil diaspora, who have been organizing the Vidyapati Mahotsav, a grand festival dedicated to Vidyapati, in various parts of the world. 

Vidyapati Mahotsav features performances of his songs, recitations of his poems, and cultural programs inspired by his themes and values. The Mahotsav is usually hosted by literary associations and communities of Maithil origin.

However, in the homeland of Vidyapati, we need to do more than just a literary event. We need to make Vidyapati a part of our everyday life and culture. We need to involve schools, government offices, NGOs, and every household in celebrating him. 

We need to lobby for declaring his birth anniversary as a public holiday, a day to rejoice, remember, and cherish him.

There are many creative ways to celebrate Vidyapati, such as:

- Holding open mics for poetry recitation, where anyone can share their own or Vidyapati's poems in any language.

- Organizing singing and dancing ceremonies, where groups or individuals can perform songs and dances based on Vidyapati's lyrics or style.

- Staging plays or dramas based on Vidyapati's writings or life stories, which can showcase his achievements, challenges, and contributions.

- Screening films dedicated to Vidyapati's legacy, which can portray his personality, vision, and impact on society.

We at Janki Films Production are passionate about bringing Vidyapati to the masses through the medium of cinema. We believe that cinema can capture his essence and spirit in a way that appeals to the young and old alike. 

We are committed to producing films that honor his memory and make him a beloved hero and icon for every Maithil.

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